Henriques & Henriques

Henriques & henriques

Madeira, Portugal

A Madeiran institution since its establishment in 1850, Henriques & Henriques offers the best of this picturesque Portuguese island. With over 160 years of experience producing the finest Madeiras, H&H embraces recent technical innovation to create and nurture wines of exceptional quality. Being the largest owners of vineyards on Madeira, under the inspiring leadership of ‘Master Blender’ Humberto Jardím, H&H is able to control every aspect of the production process.

Britain has been a traditional Madeira market since the marriage of Princess Catherine of Portugal and King Charles II of England in 1661, and today the six grape varieties used in Madeira produce versatile, characterful wines which appeal to a diverse audience. A brave new generation of consumers are experimenting with matching drier styles of Madeira such as Sercial and Verdelho with savoury, umami rich cuisine and discovering wonderful results.

Vintage bottlings are rare from Madeira, so the Single Harvest Medium Rich 1998 and Bual 2000 produced by H&H are an opportunity to experience highly sophisticated single year expressions. A recent new addition to the range is a 50 Year Old Tinta Negra, one of the first examples of this wine, made from the most-planted grape in Madeira.


Henriques & henriques
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