Delamain Cognac

Cognac, France

Returning from Ireland to Cognac in 1759, James Delamain formed a partnership with his father-in-law Jean-Isaac Ranson, which resulted in the family-owned house known today as Delamain. With a rich history that includes humanists, scientists, poets and authors, the patchwork of expertise conveyed through generations means Delamain is unrivalled for quality, character and consistency.

Their objective is simple; remain faithful to tradition and offer Cognacs of the purest, most genuine expression. Using only eaux-de-vie from Grande Champagne – the finest growth in Cognac – Delamain is universally recognised as the leading specialist in blending fine Cognacs aged in seasoned oak casks for a minimum of two decades. Direct descendants of James Delamain, Charles Braastad and Patrick Peyrelongue oversee every aspect of blending and production to ensure each bottle expresses balance, finesse and charm.

Delamain was proud to be the first House to release vintage Cognacs, selecting batches of young Cognac from grand estates to age in well-seasoned Limousin oak for a minimum of 30 years prior to release. Available in very limited quantity, these are dedicated to connoisseurs who seek the depth and intricacy that only time can bring. The House style is expressed by the floral, delicate Pale & Dry XO, while Vesper XO is more mature and notably refined, with Extra and Très Vénérable showing the deep full-bodied bouquet of old Cognac from Grande Champagne.