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Douro Valley, Portugal

Taylor’s Port

Taylor’s Chip Dry

“A classic white port with flavours of lemon peel, this is tangy, almost salty, and white-pepper-dry on the finish. Mouthwateringly good.”

Susy Atkins, The Sunday Telegraph
7th May 2017

“White port is consumed with gusto during summer in the Douro, often adorned with mint and diluted with tonic. I prefer it neat during a cool British autumn. This is fuller than many, with honey and ripe melon allied to a rich, spicy core. The hint of sugar is balanced by hunger-inducing acidity.”

Hamish Anderson, The Daily Telegraph
26th September 2015


Taylor’s First Estate

“Is an easy match with its rich and spicy nose and seamless blend of blackcurrant, plums, wild raspberry and hints of black liquorice to seduce the taste buds.”

Sam Wylie-Harris, The Chester Leader
3rd October 2014


Taylor’s LBV 2013

“This is beautifully crafted port with sweet-berry, mineral and slate character and hints of cedar and sandalwood. Full-bodied with sweet and polished, silky tannins. Sweet-fruit finish. Drink or hold.” 93 points

James Suckling, jamessuckling.com
7th January 2019

“The 2013 Late Bottled Vintage Port was filtered and bottled in 2018 with a bar-top cork and 95 grams of sugar. This has a plum-and-chocolate fruit nuance supported by moderate tannins that give it some distinction to go with the tasty fruit. This is a pretty fine example of the style. These can hold in the bottle, but that’s not the point here. They are not expected to develop, and they should be drunk relatively young.” 90 points

Mark Squires, Wine Advocate
19th July 2018


Taylor’s LBV 2011

“You get a tremendous amount of class and power in this port and, as the name suggests, the ‘vintage’ feel is clear to see and taste. Black in colour, full on the palate and immense on the finish, it is really exceptionally good”

Daily Mail Weekend
20th April 2017

“A top drop that ticks all the boxes, this rich and fruity port is ready to drink and doesn’t need to be decanted. Open and inviting, the density, balance and mix of succulent black fruits, dark chocolate and liquorice are irresistible with chocolate recipes”

Sam Wylie-Harris, Dorset Society
1st April 2017


Taylor’s 10 Year Old

“Juicy and focused, offering dried cherry, fig and bergamot notes inlaid with red licorice and fruitcake flavors that marry the flattering and racy sides. Drink now through 0.” 90 points

James Molesworth, Wine Spectator
30th June 2018

“…a tawny hue with a warm ruby tint. The nose is all candied fruit, toasted nuts, cocoa, prune and lots more and on the palate there’s wholesome sweetness which gives way to a long and ultimately fairly dry finish. It’s superb with Crozier Blue and walnuts.”

Tom Doorley, Irish Mail on Sunday
19th February 2017

“Gloriously opulent, plummy and spicy, this perennial favourite seems a perfect way to end any feast.”

Raymond Gleug, News Letter Northern Ireland
19th July 2014


Taylor’s 20 Year Old

“Pale-medium tawny with a brick rim. Pot pourri and dried strawberry, with subtle, fudgy cakebread and cinnamon. Integral alcohol, sweet and savoury, with cakebread, cinnamon, toast and fudge over dried strawberry. Long and spicy, with just a touch of warmth.” 17/20

Jancis Robinson
7th March 2019

“A warm, flattering style, with date, ginseng, toffee, caramel and mulled raisin flavors that take on a plump feel as they move through, ending with a flash of green tea that keeps this just lively enough. Leans toward the sweeter side and will have lots of fans for sure. Drink now.” 92 points

James Molesworth, Wine Spectator
30th June 2018

“A linear, delicate yet seamless style, with nutty and spicy aromas leading to dried apricot flavours encircled by tertiary leather notes. Rounded and characterful.” 92 points

Decanter – Tawny Port: 10 & 20 Year Old Panel Tasting
January 2018


Taylor’s 30 Year Old

“Pale tawny-brown. Wood spice, clove, dark chocolate and cakebread. Intense sweetness with balancing acidity, dark chocolate, wood spice, some mahogany and more cinnamon-clove/cakebread. Mostly tertiary with just a core of residual fruit. Long, chocolate finish.” 17,5/20

Jancis Robinson
7th March 2019

“This is lovely, displaying warm date, toffee and persimmon notes entwined with sesame oil, green tea and ginger flavors. Shows a lovely interplay of sweet and dry, with flashes of hazelnut cream and juniper contrasting each other on the long and deep finish. Drink now.” 95 points

James Molesworth, Wine Spectator
30th June 2018

“It shows good concentration while retaining some mid-palate finesse. It is complex, then it adds a powerfully intense finish laced with burnt orange peel and molasses as it warms. If I had a quibble, there was some noticeable alcohol, especially when retasted the next day. Some three or four days later, it was far smoother, but it is always a little edgy. Overall, this is a fairly stern style, dry and brooding, with that hint of spirits in the background. It reminds me of the stereotypical scene with Port (or Cognac), cigars and blue cheese. It just has that serious feel to it, along with that long finish. It seems to be one, as discussed in the accompanying article, that leans more to a 40-year Port.” 92 points

Mark Squires, Wine Advocate
28th February 2018


Taylor’s 40 Year Old

“Pale tawny-amber. Mahogany and wood spice, with dried tobacco, some demerara sugar and dried-strawberry residual fruit. Bright acidity lifts the sweet palate, showing tobacco, chocolate, spice, cakebread and mahogany. Lovely freshness through the intense and very long finish” 18/20

Jancis Robinson
7th March 2019

“Alluring, with a warm date and gently mulled fig and peach core gliding through, while light alder, bitter almond and candied ginger notes add sparkle and texture along the edges. Frankly sweet through the finish but with the energy for balance. Drink now.” 95 points

James Molesworth, Wine Spectator
30th June 2018

“I liked the delicacy and freshness of Taylor’s nutty, lingering 20 Year Old very much but, if I was pushing the boat out, this rich, intense 40 Year Old ticked lots of boxes. A velvety, luscious palate has delicious citrus zing (orange peel and candied citrus) to its mellow, nutty palate of buttery macadamia and praline, with a touch of salt caramel. Lovely depth, harmony and complexity. Seamless, long, mellifluous finish.”

Sarah Ahmed, The Wine Detective
11th December 2017

“Taylor’s is one of few houses to produce a 40-year old tawny, made entirely from its own vineyards. Years of evaporation and ageing in wood have concentrated it almost to an essence. Nutty aromas lead to an intensely rich, yet mellow palate.”

Square Meal Lifestyle
1st August 2014


Taylor’s Historical Collection Reserve Tawny

“If you like special, historic bottles, you should enjoy this limited edition port harking back to the early 18th century when hand-blown, bladder-shaped bottles were quite the thing. But it’s not just beautiful to look at, it’s gorgeous to smell, too: plums and figs, layered with hints of toffee, marzipan, cedarwood and leather. The palate is smooth and full, with nicely integrated tannins and lovely intensity, characterised by fruit cake flavours which give way to a long, clean finish. Yum!”

Ben McCormack, SquareMeal
26th September 2018

“The NV Reserve Tawny Port is a blend of multiple grapes, some in a field blend, with an average age of eight years in barrel. It comes in at 113 grams of residual sugar. This is something different – Taylor’s normally does not make a Reserve Tawny. Then, it also was bottled in an historical bottle (the Mateus Rose bottle in shape is close). Finally, it is a one-liter bottle, not a 750-millimeter one, so take that into account with the rather hefty price for a Reserve Tawny. With the price, even taking that one-liter bottle into account, this has to deliver, right? It does. This is an overachiever for its young age, easily 10-Year quality (although Taylor’s makes a pretty big 10 – so perhaps that is not a good comparison with Taylor’s own 10). It is fresh, complex for the style and very tasty, finishing with a sweet edge. The atmospheric bottle will make a nice gift, but it will be a pleasure to drink as well. This comes with a bar-top cork. Barring cork failures, it will age well, but tawnies do not need bottle ageing. Dive in.” 90 points

Mark Squires, The Wine Advocate
19th July 2018


Taylor’s Quinta de Terra Feita 2001

“Although it is the oldest, this tastes the youngest of all three Single Quinta Vintage Ports.  It’s partly a reflection of Taylor’s firm, well-structured style.  Lovely line and length with still firm, tight, well-focused, juicy black currant and berry fruit with a lick of esteva and bitter chocolate.  Powder fine iron filing, mineral tannins offer support and interest.  Impressive with plenty in the tank yet.”

Sarah Ahmed, The Wine Detective
11th December 2017


Quinta de Vargellas 2015

“The 2015 Quinta de Vargellas Vintage Port comes in with 99 grams per liter of residual sugar. This single-quinta Porto was a tank sample when tasted, although the final blend and out of barrel. This has fine precision and a tight, steely edge. It opened with too little concentration, but it kept putting on weight in the glass, showing enough stuffing to balance the steadily increasing power. Fresh and clean, with a fruity finish typical of the vintage, this eventually tightened to the point where the tannins popped up early and often, overwhelming the fruity beginning. This is probably the most backward of the 2015s from the Fladgate Partnership this issue. It might well wind up being the best—although that is not my early bet (see the Fonseca Guimaraens). That also means that it was certainly one of the most difficult to evaluate at the moment. Certainly, it may have the most potential to improve in the cellar. In short, this will need more time, but it looks promising given its impressive structure. Prepare to hold this awhile. It is fashionable these days to dive into Port very young, but the 15 years indicated may not be nearly enough.” 93 – 95 points

Mark Squires, The Wine Advocate
31st August 2017


Taylor’s Single Harvest 1968

“Pale-medium amber, with tawny glints. Toasted tobacco, some meaty hints, dark chocolate and dried herb, with subtle caramel cake. Intense sweetness, with balancing acidity, orange-peel fruit, mahogany, walnuts, spice, dark chocolate and toffee. Very long and integrated finish. Exceptional length. Touch of warmth, but what the hell – it is port after all. Glorious!” 19/20

Jancis Robinson
7th March 2019

“It has a deep nose, with spicy wood and fruit notes (vanilla, orange peel, liquorice) and a touch of cafe creme cigar.  Lovely balance and mellow, woody timbre in the mouth, with subtly smoky roasted hazelnut/praline, dried/honeyed apricot and higher toned amaretti biscuit lift. Great poise and persistence. Terrific.”

Sarah Ahmed, The Wine Detective
11th December 2017

“Mid-deep mahogany-tinged tawny with an olive green rim; lifted and mellifluous on the nose with a glorious aroma of butterscotch which comes singing from the glass; wonderfully soft, silky creamy texture, rich and intense with a hint of toffee and butterscotch mid-palate, a touch savoury then a long fresh finish redolent of tangerine and dried apricots. Seamless from start to finish. What a wonderful way to celebrate in 2018.” 19/20

Richard Mayson, richardmayson.com
31st December 2017

“The nose is superb, with classic, mature Tawny nuttiness, but it is the palate which has me hooked. There is volume here with toffee, fig, walnut and woodsmoke tones. It is silky, juicy and very long, too.” 18/20

Matthew Jukes, MatthewJukes.com
8th December 2017

Deep chestnut in colour, the opulent release is said to be plum-pudding on the nose, with a warm base note of raisin and toffee which mingle with a rich vanilla oakiness.

6th December 2017


Taylor’s Single Harvest 1967

“A rich, mellow nose and palate with pronounced marzipan, roast coffee, orange peel, dried apricot, toasted coconut and a smoky, spicy finish. With a broad flavour spectrum and sturdiness, the influence of wood is more evident than I recall of previous vintages. It has plenty of concentration, if not quite the same energy or vigour as the previous releases. That said, I suspect it would benefit a bit of air to really strut its stuff.”

Sarah Ahmed, The Wine Detective
13th January 2017

“This 1967 is part of Taylor Fladgate’s regular releases of aged Colheita. It is showing a perfect moment in which the fruit finally passes into old gold maturity. The wine still has hints of sultanas, but now it’s the fine wood and spice character that is equally important. The wine, of course, is ready to drink and will not age further.” 94 points

Roger Voss, The Wine Enthusiast
1st December 2016


Taylor’s Single Harvest 1966

“One of a series of releases of single harvest wines, this smooth, wood-aged Port is rich and still full of fruit. Ripe date and raisin flavors are lifted by acidity, with flavors from the wood aging giving great balance. Tawny in character, this beautiful wine is complex and ready to drink.” 95 points

Roger Voss, The Wine Enthusiast
1st December 2015


Taylor’s Single Harvest 1965

“The age of this very fine old tawny is obvious from the old gold color. At 50 years, though, it still has amazingly impressive fruit and great depth of flavor. Acidity and spice are allied to dried apricot, raisins and a terrific concentration. This attractive, masterful wine is totally ready to drink.” 96 points

Roger Voss, The Wine Enthusiast
1st December 2015

“A single-harvest tawny (also known as a colheita), on the other hand reflects an individual growing season. As such, the 1965 Single Harvest Tawny – with its rich rust-amber hue, smooth, silky texture; and ripe notes of fig, toffee, and cedar – is a testament to the five decades of patience that produced it.”

Richard Carleton Hacker, Robb Report
1st September 2015


Taylor’s Single Harvest 1964

“Aged for half a century in oak casks, this venerable port has assumed the color and shine of richly varnished exotic wood. On the palate, this single-harvest tawny reveals the layers beneath its fine patina. Sweet smoke and cedar aromas arise from the glass, while a sip reveals flavors of candied walnut, sweet tobacco, tar and molasses before a refreshing wave of acidity washes the palate clean.”

Robb Report
1st November 2014

Taylor's Port