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Madeira, Portugal

Henriques & Henriques

Full Rich Doce

“I adore top flight Madeira and this brand is a superstar. The flavour is tangy and nutty but not acidic and it’s rich and all-pervasive on the palate but not gloopy or cloying. Drink it with the salted chocolate and liquorice tart for a mind-blowing combination of flavours.”

Matthew Jukes, matthewjukes.com
10th September 2016


3 YO Full Rich

“With bags of fig, plum, raisin and coffee-and-caramel flavours that are offset by characteristic shooting acidity, this luscious, tangy fortified wine more than fits the bill. Serve chilled with chocolate cakes, fruit desserts, and your favourite chocolates. A delicious and affordable Madeira with great excitement on the finish.”

James Viner, Sevenoaks Chronicle
12th February 2015


10 Year Old Sercial

“Candied citrus peel in a dried fruit festival. With cheddar it’s heaven”

Olly Smith – Mail on Sunday Event
16th April 2017


10 Year Old Malvasia

“Darker with sweeter, richer nuances of walnuts, espresso and black molasses. Very soothing on a cold night and fab with dark chocolate.”

Susy Atkins, Sunday Telegraph Stella
4th December 2016


15 Year Old Sercial

“Refined orange peel and butterscotch aromas. Off-dry with a medium intensity palate of dried apricot and marmalade with a smooth-textured finish.”  94 points

Silver Medal, Decanter World Wine Awards 2021


15 Year Old Verdelho

“Sweet and spicy with bold, rich intense toffee and raisin notes. Very sweet and more-ish with lovely intensity and depth. Has great concentration.” 93 points

Jamie Goode
13th August, 2017

“A splendidly intense walnut nose with a flash of marmalade and caramel flowing effortlessly onto fresh flavours of lemons and orange zest. Brown sugar and raisin notes lie underneath the vibrant and fresh palate and there’s candied fruit and lime lingering on the finish. It is everything you want from a Verdelho Madeira, with a long life ahead.”

NA, Decanter
1st January 2017

“Madeira made from verdelho has the sweet-sour taste of baked apples flavoured with lemon peel, roasted almonds, fresh hazelnuts and just a few squashed sultanas. It is magnificent as an accompaniment to mince pies, or with hard English cheese.”

Victoria Moore, Daily Telegraph Weekend
26th November 2016


15 Year Old Bual

“‘There are only two names in Madeira’, or so the local saying goes… These H&H blends are the best of the genre and regularly win Gold Medals at the Decanter World Wine Awards. This is mid-amber to mahogany in colour with an olive-green rim. It has enchantingly complex aromas of toffee-apple with just a hint of malt and wood smoke. On the palate it displays figgy-raisiny depth, beautifully textured with a lovely incisive tang to offset the richness on the finish.” 94 points

Richard Mayson, Decanter
3rd April 2019

“Deep browny gold. Nutty, walnuts, and benefits from being served cool. Very clean and with a dry quality to the finish even though it is obviously not dry. Creamy and textured and very intense. Chewy, crisp, complex. Clean finish of sour-apricot fruit.” 17/20

Julia Harding MW, janicisrobinson.com
16th February 2018


15 Year Old Malvasia

“Very soft, quite sweet and open-textured. Rich throughout with dried herbal essences, raisins, cheese and oak. Beautiful.” 93 points

Silver Medal, Decanter World Wine Awards 2021

“One of the few surviving producers on this unique volcanic island, founded in 1850, it is the only producer which owns large tracts of its own vineyards on the island. This is the Madeira to offer someone who has never tasted it before. Complex with caramel and nut notes, sweet raisiny undertones and characteristic crisp acid, it’s perfect for serving with Christmas cake. A fortified to suit all ages – not just maiden aunts.”

Rose Murray Brown, The Scotsman
6th December 2014


20 Year Old Verdelho

“This alluring Verdelho, now with a vital two decades of maturity under its belt, is a translucent walnut in colour. The classic Madeira ageing process (which involves both heat and air) has left the wine aromatically glittering and multi-faceted: sweet and faintly smoky yet tangy with apple and grape fruits and decked with toffee, caramel, meat bouillon and mushroom. On the palate, this Verdelho is almost surprisingly dry after the sweet promise of the aromas, fresh with yet more apple and grape, and clean-finishing thanks to the pungent, sweeping acidity characteristic of all of the island’s wines. A toothsome mid-morning or mid-afternoon treat … and no hurry to finish the bottle, either.” 98 points

Best in Show, Decanter World Wine Awards 2021


“A firm with a distinguished pedigree: Henriques & Henriques were founded in 1850 and from 1938 to 2008 were run by father and son, Peter and John Cossart. H&H have 10ha of verdelho at Quinta Grande on the south side of Madeira, making it the largest vineyard on the island. It’s a deep amber-mahogany color. offering lovely smoky aromas with a touch of cigar box and gunpowder tea. Lemon and lime marmalade flavors are joined by a long streak of acidity which offsets the richness of age. Long, lithe and very pure.” 96 points

Richard Mayson, Decanter
3rd April 2019


20 Year Old Malvasia

“Still vibrantly fresh with acidity lifting the natural sweetness.”

Steven Spurrier, Decanter
1st February 2015


20 Year Old Terrantez

“Beautifully refined nose of roasted hazelnuts and fig and lovely seasoned wood. Lovely savoury, butterscotch richness with a touch of malt, with a lithe bittersweet finish.” 96 points

Gold Medal, Decanter World Wine Awards 2021

“In the mouth, it is medium dry, with notes of poire tapée – dried, textural pear – with dried apricots and fig, complexing notes of nutmeg, vanilla, tobacco, passionfruit seeds (tartness and nuttiness) and caramel splinters, wed to a backbone of smoky, mineral acidity. Lingering nutty wood and salty, seaweed notes to the finish. Satisfying.”

Sarah Ahmed, The Wine Detective
April 2021

“Mid-deep amber. Preserved lime and orange peel, hazelnut and walnut skins with some candied character and raisin. Toffee, caramel and smoke, with flint mineral aromas. Medium sweetness, with cooked orange, spice, smoke and mellow walnut skins. Integral and long, with a toffee-chocolate finish. Lots of intensity and concentration, and lovely length” 17/20

Jancis Robinson
7th March 2019

“Much more nuts than fruits on the nose. Tighter and less textured than the Boal 15 Year Old. With the terrific acidity it tastes drier than it is. But it’s arrow like in direction and has delicious burnt-apricot fruit character.” 17.5/20

Julia Harding MW, janicisrobinson.com
16th February 2018

“Drinks Business Fortified Masters – GOLD


Medium Rich Madeira 1998

“Though its not advertised on the label, this is a Tinta Negra. Very good too. Rich but very balanced with a smooth, generous mid-palate of dried fig and malty chocolate orange. A complexing tobacco and dried herb-laced finish with welcome edge to its roundness. Nice persistence.”

Sarah Ahmed, thewinedetective.co.uk
14th December 2016


20 Year Old Bual 2000

“Drinks Business Fortified Masters – GOLD

“Chestnut with greenish rim. Sober and elegant on both nose and palate, very complex and balanced. Delightful.” 96 points

Jesus Barquin, World of Fine Wine
1st December 2016


Single Harvest Sercial 2001

“Harmonious marmalade, hazelnuts, caramel, and savoury-nutty aromas. Some sweetness, with intense citrus and dried apricots, apple, quince and a touch of bonfire. Lovely mouthfeel and layers of flavour with a lovely “sweet and sour” finish.” 98 points

Platinum medal, Decanter World Wine Awards 2021

“Deep orangey gold. Nutty, bitter-orange aroma. Chewy, crisp, really chewy in a way that others are not. Has all the bitter orange and super-reduced apricot flavours but also lovely texture. Great length too. Tangy and deliciously bitter-orange on the finish.” 17.5/20

Julia Harding MW, janicisrobinson.com
16th February 2018


Single Harvest Verdelho 2007

“Buttery, nutty aromas with a touch of casky ranchio. Smoothly textures with smoky dates, apricot and caramel flavours. Well-balanced by steely acidity.” 93 points

Silver medal, Decanter World Wine Awards 2021

“It charmed the judges with its, “confit orange, sesame oil and leather nose, its lovely acidity and its roasted cashew and orange chocolate notes.”

Wine Merchant Top 100 2021