Dallaglio Cycle Slam – Stage One, Day Two

Alan Montague-Dennis
2 July, 2016

Day 2: Biarritz to Pau: Rule #10 it never gets easier you just go faster
As this famous quote by Greg Le Man tells us, training, climbing, and racing is hard. It stays hard. To put it another way, per Greg Henderson: “Training is like fighting with a gorilla. You don’t stop when you’re tired. You stop when the gorilla is tired.” Sur La Plaque Rule#83 applied almost immediately as our guest rider from Cycle Republic (Halfords) joined us for the day. 3 km into the ride and bang, we had our first of many punctures!

day 2 cycling

Lawrence overtakes us as we seemed to a wait for ages for a puncture to be repaired

Be self-sufficient (thank goodness I didn’t have to refer to this rule throughout the Slam!) Unless you are followed by a team car, you will repair your own punctures. You will do so expediently, employing your own skills, using your own equipment, and without complaining that your expensive tyres are too tight for your puny thumbs to fit over your expensive rim. The fate of a rider who has failed to equip himself pursuant to Rule #31, or who knows not how to use said equipment, shall be determined at the discretion of any accompanying or approaching rider in accordance with Rule #84. 148km / climbing 2523m.

day 2 map

We kept the worst of the hills to our right as the Slam headed inland away from the Atlantic and eventually towards the Med. We headed out through Bayonne and onto some really rural rolling roads. The sun shone, people came out from nearby shops to applaud our efforts, and the scenery starts to unfold with breath taking eternal vistas as we finally arrive at Pau. A cool cleaning ale was most welcome before a recovery drink. Day 2 and we still hasn’t found a coffee shop. I was beginning to suffer from caffeine withdrawal! Will, was often at least an hour or two behind me, which gave me time to check in the hotel room and sort my kit out. After day 2, Will staggered into our room looking exhausted. He slept like a baby for several hours with his legs up against the wall. I was old enough to be his Dad, so there was a sense of gratification that age has nothing to do with how fit you are!

day 2 scenery