Champagne Bollinger – Galerie 1829 & La Reserve

Alan Montague-Dennis
29 June, 2016

In 2010, while taking an inventory of the House cellars, an abundant wine cellar containing bottles and magnums of reserve wines was discovered. It was clear that these were very old. Hidden between a wall of empty bottles, this forgotten cellar had miraculously preserved small wooden panels used to identify the bottles. The team at Bollinger were able to use the inscriptions on the bottles to determine the origins and vintages of certain batches, for example an 1886 Le Mesnil-Sur-Oger, and an 1893 Verzenay, and even a 1914 Äy.


With the help of archive research, other mysterious inscriptions gradually began to make sense, revealing the incredible discovery. The wine archives enabled the team to unveil the exact meaning of the inscription “CB 14” – an 1830. The foundation of the House dating back to 1829, this was a real treasure for Champagne Bollinger. It was from here that the idea of showcasing this extraordinary legacy was born.

Galerie 1829 showcases old Bollinger wines preserved since the house was founded in 1829. The highlight is the vintage collection of RD created in 1952.


La Réserve showcases the origins of the Bollinger style – the Réserve magnums. Preserved grape by grape and vintage by vintage, this collection of over 3,000 magnums is completely unique in the Champagne region. Emphasising this tradition, which is exclusive in Champagne, it is now possible to gain a greater understanding of the complexity and richness of the process used to make this exceptional wine.


These remarkable collections, preserved in two made-to-measure architecturally designed galleries located in the heart of the Bollinger Cellars, pay tribute to the remarkable heritage. Their purpose is not commercial, but to celebrate a great legacy.