August 2018

Champagne Ayala & SquareMeal Female Chef of the Year Award

Ayala & SquareMeal Female Chef of the Year

Champagne Ayala is proud to announce that it has partnered with SquareMeal to launch the AYALA SquareMeal Female Chef of the Year award. This major new award celebrates the massive contribution female chefs are making to the UK restaurant industry at a time when women chefs remain hugely outnumbered by their male counterparts.

Champagne Ayala and SquareMeal would like your help in choosing the Female Chef of the Year. Simply submit up to three nominations in order of preference from the shortlist of chefs who have had an outstanding 2018 and whose achievements are an inspiration to everyone involved in one of the UK’s most vibrant sectors. Each entry will qualify for a prize draw to WIN a special paired AYALA Champagne dinner for 2 at the winning restaurant.

You can place your vote here.

August 2018

Champagne Bollinger and the 2018 Brompton World Championships

Photo finish at the Brompton World Championships“The Brompton World Championships” a race for 500 qualifiers held on The Mall during The Ride London weekend, marked the launch of a new association for Champagne Bollinger in the U.K with the winners of the men’s & women’s individual and team awards being presented with Bollinger to mark their achievements.Winning Ladies team from Ireland celebratingThe relationship began with Brompton CEO – Will Butler-Adams and Andrew Hawes being introduced by former pro-cyclist David Millar and they soon found common ground between the two brands with each having an uncompromising commitment to quality, respect for the environment, a resolutely independent outlook and with strong British roots. Coupled to this was shared personal vision of a sustainable quality of life in which enjoyment of fine wine and food, health and independence can go hand in hand in modern life.

Champagne Bollinger at the BWC

These concepts were considered further during a 3-day ride in late June from London, the home of The Brompton, to Champagne Bollinger, some 236 miles south from Calais where the Brompton & Mentzendorff teams alighted from the Eurostar, and the idea of supporting the Brompton World Championships was born.

A video of the ride is available to view here 

Brompton to Bollinger ride

July 2018

Langlois-Chateau & the 2018 Le Mans Classic

Last weekend we were accompanied by a group of customers for a visit to Langlois-Chateau and to join them for the eight edition of the biennial Le Mans Classic at the historic Circuit de la Sarthe.

Held beneath a searing hot sun, this year’s event was filled with high-octane action tempered by some of Langlois-Chateau’s fantastic Crémants and Loire Valley wines.

2018 Le Mans Classic

On the Friday evening before the racing commenced our group joined the team from Langlois-Chateau in Saumur for drinks and a casual dinner. Buckets of oysters were expertly shucked and served alongside the Saumur Vieilles Vignes Blanc, skewers laden with salmon and chicken were barbecued and paired deliciously with the 2017 Sancerre’s from Château de Fontaine Audon (Silex) & Château de Thauvenay (Calcaire) and it wouldn’t have been a proper French dinner without plenty of delicious cheeses enjoyed with a lightly chilled Saumur-Champigny Vieilles Vignes.

Dinner at Langlois-Chateau

The following morning we set off for Le Mans to watch pre-War Bugattis and Bentleys; Jaguar D-types and Ferrari 250 GTs; Porsche 935s and Ferrari 512s; and diesel-powered LMP1 prototypes, all in the same day and on the same track. The six competitive ‘plateaux’ were made up of over 500 cars that dated from the race’s inception in 1923 to 1981.

As well as a paddock full of historic sports cars the Classic also featured some of the old-school Le Mans running starts. When the start flag drops, drivers have to run across the track to their cars which are parked on the other side, climb in, start the car, and drive away to begin the race (this practice stopped at the Le Mans 24hr in 1970 following safety concerns).

A Le Mans Running Start

And to top it off there was even time to be able to witness England progress through to the semi-finals of the World Cup!

June 2018

Royal Ascot – A World Like Nowhere Else

At the most Royal of sporting events, it is only fitting that one drinks accordingly. As the only Champagne House to hold the title of Official Champagne at the Royal meeting since Ascot’s founding in 1711, Bollinger has become a Royal rite of passage for keen racegoers for centuries.

As any hedonist would know, the pleasure of Bollinger reaches new heights in the company of good food and great people. Mentzendorff was there with some of our Bollinger friends to soak up five days of world-class racing, pageantry, Fine Dining and of course Champagne Bollinger.Champagne Bollinger at Royal Ascot

Distinguished excellence has defined Bollinger since established in 1829, a quality recognised by the Court of England by bestowing the House with the first Royal Warrant for Champagne in 1884.

Harry & Meghan at Royal Ascot

A wealth of shared history with all things quintessentially British, Bollinger is undoubtedly the only refreshment fit for this Royal meet, considered amongst experts as the showcasing the best racing in the World. Champagne Bollinger was operating two elegant bars in the heart of the Royal Enclosure Gardens. The Bollinger 1829 Bar which was situated in the east end of the gardens and the Madame Bollinger Bar in the west end, a short walk from the track and undoubtedly the only place to see and be seen throughout the week. Guests were also able to soak up the pageantry alongside the Pre-parade Ring at the Bollinger Lounge in the Queen Anne enclosure.

Madame Bollinger bar in the Royal Enclosure Gardens




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