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February 2017

Mentzendorff Portfolio Tasting 2017

The Mentzendorff Portfolio Tasting on Tuesday 7th of March at One Great George Street is our most important event of the year, bringing together winemakers from around the world to share their vinous bounty with you.

Our entire range of Champagnes, wines, fortified wines and spirits will be on show. Taste new releases such as the rare Taylor’s 1967 Single Harvest Port, or the first release of Michel Chapoutier’s fantastically named sparkling Saint-Peray; La Muse de Richard Wagner. This year will also herald something a little different. Wine may be our thing, but everyone deserves a lip-smacking cocktail or a vivifying long drink on occasion! Which is why we introduce, for one day only, Ludwig’s Liquid Exuberance, named after our founder Ludwig Mentzendorff who first brought Mentzendorff Kummel to England in 1851, where we will be serving cocktails and long drinks using ingredients from our own portfolio. Ludwig Mentzendorff

Serving suggestion; try everything!


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