News story

January 2016

Education never gets old

With over 1000 years of history, London’s Guildhall has seen its fair share of illustrious goings-on, this Monday evening being no exception. The 2016 WSET Awards & Graduation saw over 300 graduates awarded with their diplomas, as well as the giving of a series of awards for excellent performance in WSET examinations.

Included in these was Delamain Cognac Prize; a study visit to Delamain in the Cognac region for the highest achiever in the Level 2 Spirits exams, this year awarded by Mentzendorff Managing Director Andrew Hawes to Mark Tinsley of Robinsons Bar, one of Belfast’s most renowned watering holes that dates from 1895. Mark wins the chance to go behind the scenes at the home of Delamain in Jarnac, where since 1759 they have been blending their world renowned fine aged Cognacs.


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