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October 2017

2016 Turkey Flat Grenache wins the ‘Jimmy’

On Thursday 19th October the 2016 Turkey Flat Grenache became the first ever Grenache to win Australia’s most prestigious wine honour – the Jimmy Watson Memorial Trophy in its 56 year history. This award also marks the return of the ‘Jimmy’ to the Barossa Valley for the first time since 2003.

The Jimmy Watson is the most prestigious trophy at The Royal Melbourne Wine Show – regarded as Australia’s leading national wine awards since its inception in 1884 attracting approximately 4000 entries yearly in its 71 classes. It brings together the very best Australian winemakers and producers and is renowned as a benchmark of excellence in wine production. The trophy is a memorial to the late Jimmy Waston, the proprietor of the iconic Watson’s Wine Bar, who is credited with changing the tastes of the Melbourne wine drinking public, after his sudden death in 1962. The Trophy has been won by some of the biggest names in the Australian wine industry – which now, proudly, includes Turkey Flat.

For Winemaker, Mark Bulman, who admits his love for Grenache borders on the obsessive, this win is particularly sweet. The suitability of Grenache in the warm, Barossa climate, and the savoury, complex and tannic characters in the resulting wine were the hook for Mark settling in this area. Mark noting “the hot, dry conditions of the 2016 vintage combined with the timely 30mm of rainfall in January and our extraordinary old vine material set us up in the winery to create something truly exceptional.”

Always a champion for Grenache Christie Schulz, owner of Turkey Flat Vineyards, is elated by the win “tonight’s win is a vote of confidence for the distinct style of our Grenache.”


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