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May 2017

Taylor’s takes to the high seas for 325th Anniversary

Celebrating the 325th Anniversary of their founding, esteemed Port producer Taylor’s took to the high seas in style this May. Recreating the first Port shipment from Oporto to London, a special cask of limited-edition anniversary Port was loaded onto the fully restored Taylor 325 Yacht before setting sail for London. Tower Bridge was raised to mark the occasion and having passed through, the yacht moored at Tower Pier to be greeted by members of the Taylor’s Port family. Adding a little pomp and circumstance to the proceedings were members of the Company of Pikemen and Musketeers in full regalia. A ceremonial procession saw the cask of limited-edition Port from the bow of the yacht carried into the Tower of London where guests and friends of Taylor’s gathered to celebrate the anniversary with a black tie dinner. Served during the evening were traditional Portuguese aperitifs of Taylor’s Chip Dry White Port and Tonic, a fine Imperial of Taylor’s 1977 vintage and special ‘squat onion’ bottles of Taylor’s 325th Anniversary limited-edition Port.Not to rest on their laurels, the ever adventurous brand have sponsored Portuguese single-handed yachtsman Ricardo Diniz, who sailed with a crew from Porto to London, to take part in the OSTAR 2017 transatlantic race from Plymouth to Newport, Rhode Island, where further celebrations will take place upon the arrival of the Taylor 325 yacht. Ricardo is the first Portuguese entrant into this gruelling race, and Adrian Bridge, Managing Director of Taylor’s adds; “this partnership resulted quite naturally as it unites land and sea, history and future, and is built on the shared values of determination, courage and resilience; all essential attributes for both single-handed navigation, and producing and selling Port! It is with great pride that Taylor’s supports the first Portuguese yachtsman to take part in OSTAR, in the year of our 325th anniversary.”


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